Icarus Solar Power’s Reaction to BBC Watchdog

solar installationHot on the tails of PPI cold-calling, the miss-selling of solar is the season’s latest scam: Unscrupulous companies claiming fictitious government backing in order to pressure-sell a solar PV system. A recent BBC Watchdog episode addressed this new plague of fraudsters and we thoroughly recommend viewing the report since it contains some extremely useful information relating to the installation of solar PV.

One of the main tactics used by these underhand salespeople was to confuse potential customers with vague promises of returns based on the government’s Green Deal scheme. What they failed to mention was that the Green Deal is a scheme created to improve the energy efficiency of the whole home – it does not focus solely on solar panels, as the conmen did.

The salespeople acted in direct violation of Section 5.2 of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC), which forbids the industry from employing pressure tactics and using phoney discounts to secure a sale. In addition, many of the salespeople quoted over-inflated returns from the Feed-In-Tariff system (money paid by energy suppliers to property-owners who generate electricity from renewable or low-carbon sources).

The actions of ‘British Solar’ (the company investigated by BBC’s Watchdog) are completely unacceptable; their fraudulent tactics compromise the reputation of the solar industry.

solar installationThe team at Icarus are continually appalled by the unethical conduct of certain solar salespeople; our ethos is to provide accurate information to our customers so that they can make an informed choice. We have over twenty years accredited experience in the electrical industry with full recognition from the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC). We are proud to be a friendly, knowledgeable, local company that places customer satisfaction at the heart of our operation.

Our solar PV systems are tailored to the needs of our clients – taking into account the position of their roof space and areas of shading affecting their property. Before issuing an estimate, our experienced solar engineer will survey the property; a range of options are then discussed with the customer to ensure that the products selected fall within their desired budget and offer the maximum return on their investment.

If you are interested in solar PV and would like to find out more, please do contact our office on 01323 725502.

Lastly, in light of the Watchdog report and our own experience of unethical traders, please remember the following when selecting a contractor to install your solar PV system:

  • Never be pressured by a salesperson into making an immediate investment.
  • Always compare products and prices with other companies to make sure that the offer is genuine.

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