Why You Should Have Solar Panels Installed at Work

Like any big business, you have large power bills that cost your company a lot of money.  If you want to save money and be environmentally friendly, you may be considering having solar panels installed on your business premises.


If you’re considering commercial solar installations South East, here are some of the benefits of solar panels for your business. Plus, some of the factors you need to consider.


Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

commercial solar installations south east

While the solar panels and related equipment will involve a large initial outlay, solar panels will save your business money in the long run.  Once you’re up and running, you can collect energy from the sun for free, making huge savings on your electricity bills.


Another benefit of having solar panels installed at your workplace is being environmentally friendly.  Solar energy does not produce any toxins or chemicals so it doesn’t release anything harmful into the air.  Solar power is also renewable, since you don’t have to worry about running out of sunshine anytime soon. Even with the good ole British weather!


What to Consider when Installing Solar Panels


The first thing to consider with a commercial solar installation is where to put your solar panels. Take a close look at your office building and the surrounding land.  You want to make sure the panels are installed where they will have the greatest exposure to sunlight.  Most of the time, this will be on the rooftop.  Just make sure no shadows will cover the panels throughout the day. The installations company will be able to advise you on the best position for your solar panels.


When looking at locations, you also need to think about the wiring connected to the panels. Be sure the position you choose allows a clear path to lay all the wiring safely back to the solar batteries.

Commercial Solar Installations South East

Before you install solar panels on the roof, check with the builder of your premises to find out what the maximum weight on the rooftop should be.  You need to make sure the rooftop can handle the heavy solar panels without caving in.


Once you’ve decided where to position your solar panels, you’ll need to choose which style of panels and mounts you will use.  A commercial solar installation company such as ours can help you with that.  Our experts will visit your premises to discuss all the available options and help you in making your final decision.


Although solar panels can be an expensive investment up front, they pay off in the long run.  You’ll save thousands of dollars on your company’s electric bill, and you’ll help save the environment too.


To learn more about commercial solar installations South East, contact Icarus Solar Power to speak with one of our experienced team.

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