Saving Your Business Money with Solar Power

The UK uses the least amount of solar energy in the whole of Europe, and not because it costs too much or because it doesn’t pay off- but because locals think it ruins the aesthetic of their buildings. Germany, however, are leading by example and currently hold the record for the country who uses the most solar energy, and they still have nice looking towns and buildings.

Positive Environmental Impact

If you are reading this post already, then it is clear that you are interested in becoming a more self-sufficient business. Installing Solar Panels will not only create all the energy needed to maintain your building with electricity, but also means you no longer have to pay for it. This also makes your business safe from the worry of rising energy costs from the suppliers. Using the Earth’s most natural and sustainable resources is the first step to becoming a more carbon neutral world. Many businesses have found the use of solar energy to be very rewarding in both costs and morality; knowing that your business or building runs completely of the natural power of the Sun can be somewhat empowering. commercial soalr panel installers Sussex

Financial Benefits

Not only does installing solar panels mean you no longer have to deal with expensive electricity bills, but often you can get paid for using them, which is very interesting for those considering a move to solar power. If you install now, you will receive a ‘ feed-in-tariff’ for all the energy that you produce. This government payment is on-going for 20 years, but does depend on the size of your system. With rising inflation, the Energy Saving Trust estimates an annual payment of £650 a year.
For a standard 4kwp system, the price of the buying the panels outright has reduced over recent years. So the common belief that they won’t end up paying off has become something of solar power history.

Longevity of Solar Panels

Many people who discuss the possibility of getting solar panels will inevitably question how long they will last. There is a standard silicon (Si) panels estimate guarantee that they will last for 25 years, but what makes this point somewhat contradictory, is that some of the panels which were installed in, say in the 1970s, are still very much in use. Which adds a slight confusion to the question, but the point remains that they will not just cut-off when they reach the 25 year mark, and many still go on working strong way past that mark. So it will pay off to install solar power into your business. commercial solar sussex

Location, Location, Location

Not everyone considers this, but in order to get the maximum energy from your solar panels it is best if your roof is facing in a southerly direction. If your roof is completely covered in shade from other buildings or trees between the hours of 10am to 4pm, then you may not end up reaping all the possible benefits from your new energy source. However it isn’t completely written-off if you think your roof doesn’t comply, call in a professional to check it out first. You may be surprised.

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