Solar Energy: Why Your Business Should Look Into It

commercial solar southCommercial Solar South

Energy sustainability continues to be a hot topic, and not just in the home. Savvy businesses are searching for ways to conserve energy, save money, and give something back to the environment. Solar energy has become a popular choice for many UK businesses. Here’s why business solar energy may be right for you.

You’ll Recoup Your Costs

The introduction of the Feed-in-Tariff scheme is great news for businesses that are keen on going green. Under the scheme, your business will earn back its solar power investment within 20 years. If your business has money to invest, it may be in your financial interest to install business solar panels, especially if your current investment is only making 2–3% p.a.

You’ll Save Money

Electricity costs continue to rise, with many predicting a 100% increase in electricity prices by 2024. While solar energy is beneficial for any business, businesses that run 24/7 could see savings of up to 40%. This money can be put to better use than paying the bills.

You’ll Have Peace of Mind

commercial solar south Solar panels come with 25-year production guarantees, although you probably won’t need to fix them as they have no moving parts. To get the most from your solar panels, simply keep them clean.

You’ll Have the Sun as an Energy Source

Let’s face it, the sun is not going to run out of power anytime soon. Solar energy gives you access to the epitome of reliable, renewable energy. All you need is a southeast, southwest, or south facing roof and you can enjoy the benefits of the most impressive power grid in existence.

You’ll Help the Economy

Solar energy is labour intensive, and demand is growing. In 2013, 2.27 million people were working in the UK’s solar energy industry, while employment across the renewable energy sector grew by 14%. This level of job creation can only be good for the economy, and that’s great for your business.

You’ll Be Helping the Planet

Unlike fossil fuels, solar panels don’t release carbon dioxide. While concerns were raised that solar energy was releasing harmful emissions, it has been proven that these emissions were at a different stage of the solar energy lifecycle, and at negligible levels when compared with fossil fuel emissions.

You’ll Be Seen to Care

Image is everything, green companies are all the rage, and solar panels send a clear message that you’re a company that gives back. With sustainability on 70% of corporate agendas, and 92% of graduates preferring to work with environmentally conscious organisations, a green reputation makes good business sense. It’s a small step that sends a clear, positive message.

Business solar energy is an area that is sustainable for the planet, strategic for business, and supported by the Government. It also makes financial sense. More than a bandwagon, it’s safe to say that solar energy will continue to lead the charge in the UK’s shift toward renewable energy.

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