Solar Panels: Why all the Fuss?

solar panels

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ll have heard a lot of talk about why you
should invest in solar panels for your home. If you’re still in the dark as to why
everyone is fired up about solar panels, the following should answer a few questions.

They Use Renewable Energy

When you invest in solar panels, you’re tapping into the world’s most renewable,
reliable energy source. Traditional energy companies are capital intensive, and their
energy sources are diminishing. The sun isn’t going anywhere and, if it does, you’ll
have bigger things to worry about than keeping your house warm.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

Many scientists, MPs, and the public agree that some level of climate change is
inevitable. It’s also argued that unchecked climate change could be catastrophic.
Instead of adding to the problem, a 2kW solar energy system can prevent 1 ton of
CO2 entering the atmosphere each year. In short, installing solar panels at your home
can help save the planet.

solar panels

They’ll Save You Money

You may think electricity prices are high now, but some commentators are forecasting
a 100% price increase over the next 10 years. Solar energy will greatly reduce your
electricity bills, which is good news for your pocket.

They’ll Pay for Themselves

solar panels

Thanks to the Government’s Feed-in-Tariff scheme, the rapid fall in solar panel
installation prices, and the forecast rise in electricity costs, you’re very likely to
recoup your investment over time. There’s even a good chance you could make a tax
free return of around 10% p.a.

They’ll Improve Your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Rating

As part of an EU-wide energy efficiency measure, all UK homes are rated on energy
efficiency and environmental impact. To achieve the highest Feed-in-Tariff rates,
your home needs to score a band D rating or above. Investing in solar panels can get
you closer to a band D rating and, with a few other energy efficiency adjustments, can
take even the lowest rated homes to a band D rating.

They’ll Last

Solar panels have no moving parts, so they’ll stand the test of time. Look for 25-year
production guarantees, and you can relax in the knowledge that your solar panels are
unlikely break down.

They’re a Great Talking Point

solar panels

Solar panels look good, and they’ll show that you’re doing your bit for the
environment. With solar panels enjoying huge support, you may as well get in on the
action now. If none of your friends have them, now’s your chance to show off!

If you’re looking toward the future, chances are high that solar power will prove to be
one of the most important factors in combating climate change. In the short term, it’s
nice to know you can save money while keeping your home cosy. Whatever the case,
just like the sun, solar panels are here to stay.

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