How to Find Solar Installers

If you are considering working with solar power installers Eastbourne, East Sussex, you have to know
what to look for. There have been some changes in the government’s Green Deal, which means there aren’t as many free solar power installation companies out there anymore. Hence, it is likely that you will have to pay for your panels yourself. Although the price of these has come down, it is still quite a high investment that not everybody has lying about. Before you start looking for solar panels, however, you should learn about the benefits. solar panels sussex

Benefits of Solar Panels

There are various benefits to installing solar panels in your homes. These include:

• You will earn money for every little bit of energy you produce, whether you use it or sell it back to the grid.

• You are reducing your carbon footprint and making a contribution towards saving the environment.

• You will save money on your existing energy bills.

• You are setting a positive example to others around you.

Finding Solar Power Installers

There are a lot of companies out there that will install solar panels for you and you have to make
sure that you don’t fall victim to some sort of cowboy builder. Unfortunately, these exist and they
are very good at attracting unsuspecting customers with big words and professionally designed websites and literature. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to make sure you don’t get swindled. There are two things that all good solar installers should have. If you find an installer that
does not have the following two registrations, you should turn the other way very quickly. These
two things are:

• MCS registration. MCS stands for the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. This is what all
solar installers in the UK should have if they want to install solar photovoltaic panels, which
are the ones you use to heat your home. A good installer will be MCS certified and will demonstrate this immediately. If not, then you can find out through the MCS website, as well as through the Energy Saving Trust, which is a non-profit organisation designed to give you information on energy saving systems and solutions.

• REAL registration. REAL stands for Renewable Energy Assurance Limited. All MCS installers have to be a member of this, which gives you a second way of checking not just that their registration is real, but also that it is up to date. The REAL scheme has received full support of the Office of Fair Trading. Hence, it will make sure that the service you receive is completely fair and that the materials used in your panels is fully compliant and appropriate for a solar system.

With these two registrations, you know that you are dealing with a good installer. Also ask about insurance and warranty. You can expect your panels to last for at least 25 years if properly maintained. Hence, ask about maintenance, but also about what you can do if something does end up going wrong with your system through no fault of your own.

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