Solar Panels for Your Business

As climate change continues to affect the world, increasing numbers of people are looking towards more environmentally sustainable sources of energy. Renewable energy from harnessed sunlight is one such option. The range of solar panels hitting the market has widened considerably, making solar panels for your business premises a viable route for reducing energy bills and improving your carbon footprint. solar panels for businesses sussex

Firstly, perform a full assessment of your business’ energy needs. If there are electrical appliances which are draining power unnecessarily, consider if they are truly important to the business or if they could be removed. Also, try and make the energy use which is important more efficient, such as by turning off computers and photocopiers overnight, only filling the kettle with the amount of water that’s needed and by installing motion sensitive light bulbs and switches. Solar energy can help to power your company, but if you can identify your actual energy use and ways to reduce that then the potential savings will be even larger. Where it is feasible, also consider installing skylights into your property. Even better, choose moving skylights which can be opened, allowing trapped heat to ventilate outwards and reducing the need for artificial lighting in the building. This saves money on light bulbs, electricity bills and electrical maintenance but does of course require an initial investment.

Once these steps have been fulfilled to minimise the business’ energy use as much as possible, it is time to begin the installation process which puts the solar panels on the roof. Solar panels, also known as photo voltaic cells, are the panels which take in the natural sunlight and convert it into useable electricity. They can make significant differences in the bills received by your business from your current electricity supplier. In addition, there are a number of governmental schemes available which encourage businesses to install solar power panels to augment their supply, in a bid to limit the drain on the National Grid and to encourage people to look towards more sustainable power sources. The government has made several pledges on an international level, that they will reduce the country’s production of carbon emissions and reduce the reliance on fossil fuels. Helping people to access alternative energies is a part of this process. solar water heater installation sussex

Other steps which can be taken include installing solar water heaters and underfloor radiant heating. Combined with the solar panels, this creates the most energy efficient system currently available on the open market. Radiant heating makes a big difference to heating bills in winter, whilst solar heated water can support water heating for hand washing and showers.

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